Euro Extender Review

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2015)

Euro Extender – Is It Worth Buying?

Euro Extender is another device made and sold by Canadian Based X4 Labs – the people behind the quality X4 extender.front-page-euro

It is aimed at the lower priced end of the market and does actually offer quite good value for money.

The Euro Extender is sold as a complete penis enlargement system; there are two packages to choose from, you can buy just the Euro Extender itself, this is a type one approved medical device that is fitted with comfort straps to make the process as comfortable as possible.

You can also buy the Euro Extender Full System, with this, you also get a large list of additional items all designed to maximise the benefits and gains achieved by using the Euro Extender.

These include

  • A supply of Sinrex Penis Enlargement Pills
  • Penis Access Enlargement exercise system
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Plus other accessories and spare parts.

How Does Euro Extender Work

The device uses the proven practice of traction to lengthen the user’s penis, the traction places a pulling pressure along the length of the penis, this gradually makes the internal cells separate, divide and duplicate to generate additional mass to the penis. This is exactly the same method used by doctors worldwide to lengthen and straighten stunted or damaged limbs.


How Long Does The Process Take

Lengthening your penis does take time, you need to be prepared to use the device as often as possible for between 4 and 6 months to see full results. That said, its not uncommon to see an encouraging increase of about ½” after the first two weeks, with steady increases being seen as the time progresses.

Are There Any Guarantees

Euro Extender has a lifetime warranty and buyers get a 6 month cash back guarantee that assures them of a full refund if, after using the device as required, they achieve no visible gains in length

Our Thoughts

Euro Extender offers those on maybe a more limited budget to purchase and achieve effective penis enlargement, it does not offer the benefits and possibly the same results of some of the more established devices out there (see our top penis extenders page)

All the same – it does work so it’s definately worth a try..

Where To Buy

Ordering is simple and secure, the device can be ordered directly from the manufacturers, they ship orders worldwide.

Prices Are As Follows:

Basic Euro Extender Device  $99.95  (£64.50)

Complete Euro Extender System $199.95  (£129.00)

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