Male Edge Review UK

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2020)

Male Edge Penis Extender Review [updated 2020]

Contemporary And Affordable Penis Enlargement

What Is Male Edge


Male Edge is a new generation extender made by Danamedic – the Danish company who brought us the first commercially available penis extender – Jes Extender.

After the success of their first device (with over 250,000 sold to date and still available today) they decided to bring the product up to date.

Their brief to the designers was simple – maintain the quality and effectiveness of the Jes Extender but make the new device lighter and more comfortable with a contemporary look and feel

The Resulting Device Is Called Male Edge

Male Edge is an effective penis traction device; it uses gentle yet firm stretching pressure to encourage the penis to naturally grow.

We have all seen the photographs of native tribal members who use the same method of traction to stretch their necks, earlobes and lips.

The process is simple, as the penis is subjected to the traction, the internal tissue cells are stretched to the point were they separate, divide and duplicate to create additional tissue cells. This adds mass to the penis that includes both length and thickness.

The Male Edge Range is made up of three models, all offering the highest pressure settings of any current device out there. Suitable for all shapes and sizes of penis, the device is also highly effective at treating and correcting Peyronies disease.

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How Large Could I Get With Male Edge

Gains of between 2 and 3” in length are commonplace if used as directed

Sensible Prices!


The Male Edge range is really well priced it starts at the Basic Extender which costs just  €129.00 EUR  ( UK Price = £111.00  – USD $ 185.00)

The prices rise to the top of the range extender (Male Edge Professional) which is priced at € 169.00 EUR ( UK £145.00 – USD $ 241.00)

Double Your Money Back Guarantee

Male Edge have followed the lead of their sibling product and offer the same cash back guarantee as the Jes Extender – They state that if you buy and use the Male Edge device as directed and fail to see any improvement in size, they will refund DOUBLE your purchase price without question. – see website for details

Where To Buy Male Edge in The UK

Available directly from the official manufacturer’s website, orders are shipped worldwide quickly and discreetly

If You Want A Device With A Proven Pedigree At Affordable Prices

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