Men Unhappy With Penis Enlargement Operations

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2013)

Recent Study Reveals Penis Enlargement Surgery Ineffective

The BBC has recently released details of a study into penis enlargement surgery carried out by penis enlargement surgerysurgeons at St Peters Andrology Centre in London.

The Centre questioned 45 men who had recently undergone penis enlargement surgery, it was discovered that from all these men, the average gain in length was just half and inch (1/2”).

Virtually all the men questioned were very unhappy with the results, revealing that the surgery was an extensive procedure with substantial recovery periods. The patients all had expectations that simply could not be met.

Results Of Penis Enlargement

It has been determined that these kinds of surgery should not really be undertaken by men with average sized penises, the results for these men are poor at best, with gains of ½” an average increase. The study determined that that those with psychological issues regarding their penis size should avoid surgery as they will no doubt be unhappy with the results.

Medical Opinion

traction deviceMany medical experts believe that more research should be carried out on non surgical methods of enlargement; it is believed that by allowing doctors to prescribe these kinds of methods, it would stop men enduring painful surgery for just minimal gains. Those who are prepared to have surgical enlargement do (quite naturally) have high expectations and should be directed towards penis traction devices instead.

Although traction devices are a slower process, the results are far greater and a great deal less invasive than surgical enlargement.

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