Penis Exercises

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2013)

Can Exercises Really Increase My Penis Size

Penis exercises can be traced back many thousands of years, ancient tribal cultures used to use then penis health gains 3inchesto prepare younger males for adult life and sexual relationships.

Nowadays these ancient methods have been revised and nurtured to be (rather surprisingly) highly efficient in boosting penile strength, erection quality and with regular use – size.

The original process is called Jelqing, and studies and trials have showed that these ancient movements actually work.

Penis Exercises Can Help To

  • Generate Increased Erection Size – And In Time Permanent Enlargement
  • Boost Sexual Performance
  • Improve Ejaculations And Intensity Of Orgasms

How Do Penis Exercises Work

The Penis reacts to exercises in very much the same way as any muscle, with varying pressures and tensions, it will react by becoming stronger and possibly growing.

Kinds Of Penis Exercises

Penis Stretching – These stretching exercises mimic the process of traction, repeated pulling or squeeze_techstretching can in time cause the internal cells to divide, duplicate and multiplyto generate additional skin and blood vessels, making the penis larger.

Kegel Exercises – These are tensioning or tightening exercises that are primarily aimed at the puboccygeus muscle, they are useful for helping to strengthen and prolong erections, and at the same time help to combat premature ejaculation

Jelqing – The Oldest form of penis exercises, the exercises are a series of movements similar to ‘milking’. These help to improve the blood flow into the penis, increasing the size of the corpora cavernosa (the main blood vessel in the penis) boosting erection and ultimately permanently increased penis size.

Penis Health Exercise Program

PenisHealthThe Penis Health system of penis exercises, is the most modern of its kind, the people behind them have taken the traditional ancient methods and have coupled them with the best that modern science can offer.

These two factors combined provide users with the ultimate exercise program and if done regularly – amazing results.

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