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(Last Updated On: January 9, 2020)

Where To Buy Penomet Penis Pump

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Penomet is one of the new generation of penis enlargement devices, it is different to many enlargement devices in that it does not rely on traction to enlarge the users penis, instead it uses the dual power of water and a vacuum.

The Penomet device is designed to be used in the bath or shower, it uses water in the device to help support and protect the penis during its operation

Unlike some other vacuum devices that have been found to cause occasional tissue damage and distortions to the penis, the Penomet has been designed to work effectively without any risk of harm being caused to the penis.

How Does Penomet Work

Designed to be used in the bath or shower, the device should be filled with water and the placed over the penis. There is a rubber gaiter that makes contact with the groin to form an airtight seal.

The Penomet is then pumped up and down a couple of times to expel some water and any remaining air, to form a vacuum inside the device.

This vacuum places the penis under pressure, it forces blood to be drawn into Penomet Before and After Pictures 4the penis to generate a visibly longer and harder, longer lasting erection.

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This is one of the key benefits of using Penomet, it is excellent at generating visibly larger erections in a matter of minutes and is great asset for those men who suffer from erection difficulties

At first the erections and any increased size revert as the erection disperses, but with regular use (the makers suggest 20 minutes a day) the forcibly increased blood flow acts in the same manner as traction in that it causes the internal cells to divide and duplicate to create additional mass to the penis.

The makers tell us that permanent gains in length of around 2” can be achieved over a period of 5-6 months if used as directed, increases of around 30% in girth are also possible

Benefits Of Using Penomet

  • Immediate Increases In Erection Size And Strength
  • Can Straighten Curved Penises
  • Will Generate Permanent Increases In Length With Regular Use
  • Guaranteed To Work Or Money Back

The Penomet is supplied with interchangeable rubber gaiters that dictate the level of vacuum inside the device, these are crucial to the ongoing performance of the device and provide steady increases in size and thickness – Penomet is the ONLY device that offers users a choice of pressure settings

Where To Buy Penomet

Penomet sell their device direct from the Official Penomet website, ordering is secure and shipping is swift to addresses worldwide.

Buyers can choose from a range of packages all featuring the device along with varying choices of rubber pressure gaiters and cleaning oils to maintain the device in top working condition.

Fully Guaranteed

Penomet offer the longest cash back guarantee of any comparable pump, buyers get a full 60 days to try the Penomet device and return for a full refund should they be dissatisfied with the results.

Benefits Of Buying Penomet

penomet penis pump

When deciding on buying a penis vacuum pump, you need to be sure that you are buying a device that is first safe – and that it offers guaranteed results.

There are of course a few vacuum devices to choose from, but here are a few reasons why we feel that Penomet is the device to choose.

Capacity – The Penomet is effectively a one size fits all, it doesn’t matter if you are 4” or 10” when erect, the device will comfortably accommodate you on your enlargement journey. This is unlike its nearest competitor that only takes up to 8” in its standard model and users will need to upgrade to their larger model when required at extra cost.

Results To Expect – Penomet is proven to generate visibly larger, longer lasting erections in a matter of minute – this makes it an essential device if you suffer from erection problems. With regular use the device is also proven to generate permanent penis growth and will help correct cases of curvature (AKA Peyronies Disease)

Working Pressure – Most devices only use one working pressure which can restrict gains and results. Penomet is available with 5 interchangeable gaiters that provide differing working pressures, maximizing results. – Most competitor products offer guarantees that average 14-30 days. Penomet now offers all buyers a 60 day cash back guarantee – the longest guarantee of any penis enlargement device and it gives you the longest time possible to experience the effects of Penomet and still return for a refund if you are dissatisfied.

Warranty – All moving parts have a lifetime warranty

Shipping – Penomet ship their devices to buyers worldwide

Prices – Penomet prices range from $127 (£79.00) to $297 (£197.00) so you can be confident that you will find a package to suit your budget.

FINALLY – All buyers of Penomet get priviliged membership of the official forum – My Penomet where you can swap stories, experiences and ask questions of Penomet users from all over the world.

Penomet Accessories

The makers of Penomet have just announced some changes to their range of penis pumps

Improved Colour Choice

penomet colours

The Device is now available in a choice of 6 colours, apart from the original blue and clear models, buyer can now also choose from

  • Pink
  • Violet
  • Green
  • Orange

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Interchangable Gaiters

The one thing that sets Penomet apart from pretty much any other comparable penis pump is the range of interchangable gaiters that provide varying levels of vacuum pressure.

Most other vacuum pumps operate at one maximum pressure, which can limit the end results.

Imagine going to the gym and just using one preset weight and one exercise all the time, your muscles would not respond after a while – the penis is no different, it responds to varied pressure and exercise just like any other muscle in the body – vary the workout and the results will keep coming

There are 5 gaiters in the range, each giving ever increasing levels of pressure

  • Force 60
  • Force 65
  • Force 70
  • Force 75
  • Force 80 – the Red ‘Ultimate Workout’ gaiter

There are Three packages in the Penomet range, depending on what one you choose, you will get varying amounts of these gaiters:

With the Standard Package you will receive the Penomet and the mid range Force 70 gaiter

The Extra Package is supplied with the force 70 along with the force 65 and 75

The Top Of The Range Ultimate Package is supplied with the full range of gaiters – crucial for maximum results

penomet gaiters

Starting with the lowest pressure gaiters, use the device as directed ( there are some suggested exercise schedules on the official website) and by working your way gradually through to the ultimate red gaiter you will achieve maximum gains.

All gaiters have a lifetime warranty.

Lubrication Oil

Penomet stock a range of cleaning oils that help keep your Penomet in optimum working order

The Latest Addition To The Penomet Range

Penomet have just added a new addition to their range – a handy shower strap that holds the device securely while showering, making it a completely ‘hands free’ operation.

shower strap

Now included as part of the Ultimate package, the shower strap will also be available to buy separately from the official website in due course.


Penomet offer the longest cash back guarantee of any comparable device, buyers have 60 days to evaluate the device and return for a full refund if unhappy with the results.

Hope This Helps You Decide…

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