Peyronies Disease Causes And Cures

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2015)

Causes And Treatments Of Peyronies Disease

Curvature of the penis (aka Peyronies Disease) occurs when a hard lump (plaque) forms on one side of the penis in the erectile tissue. Often starting as an inflammation it generally turns into a hardened scar that causes the penis to bend or curve towards the lump as it becomes erect.

In cases where two or more plaques develop at the same time, the penis can pyronies1become indented and almost rigid, often being unable to become erect, this can cause the sufferer discomfort and can prohibit sexual intercourse in severe cases

The actual cause of Peyronies disease is not clear, some believe that it could be hereditary or linked to other forms of scarring or fibrosis.

Peyronies Disease affects roughly 1 in 100 men worldwide to varying degrees, with some men not even realising that they have the problem.

Some Doctors believe that trauma to the penis can also be a cause, as can the aging process; the tissues become less elastic with age and any healing process are longer possibly leading to the development of tough fibrous tissue

Treatment Of Peyronies Disease

Doctors tend to advise against surgical treatments unless the situation is really severe, these treatments are at best invasive and painful and can leave the man with both a shorter penis and sometimes impotent.

Surgical procedures involve the insertion of implants or the pinching of the skin to try and correct the problem.

Other non surgical treatments can include

  • Para-aminobenzoate tablets
  • Vitamin E
  • Radiation Therapy – Can help reduce pain, but does not generally reduce the plaque
  • Injections of steroids and calcium blockers

Generally these have been shown to be ineffective except in rare cases, without doubt, Doctors worldwide agree that the best way to treat Peyronies disease is by using a medical grade traction device, these devices place the penis under a pulling pressure that gradually helps to break down and disperse the plaque, the use of these devices is often accompanied by special exercises to rejuvenate and strengthen the penis muscles

Recommended Traction Devices For Treating Peyronies Disease