Size Genetics FAQ

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

Frequently Asked Questions About Size Genetics

We get asked quite a few questions about penis extenders, none more so than about our top rated product Size Genetics.img-8

Here are 10 of the more common questions and answers;

(1) Can I Wear Size Genetics At Work and While I Sleep

If you do not do a physically active job, then you can wear the device under loose fitting trousers and boxer shorts maximising the enlargement effects during the day.

If you are highly active during the day, (do a job that requires lifting or heavy manual work) its probably wise to not wear the device.

At night time, the device can be worn without concern. Some people who are particularly active while sleeping at night may find it uncomfortable to wear all night. The thing is to try and see how you get on with it.

(2)How Long Can I Keep Using The Device For, And Will I Keep Growing

The device will continue to help you grow for as long as you wish, most users find that 4-6 months is sufficient to achieve good gains, but basically you can continue for as long as you wish.

(3)Is There A Recommended Treatment Plan

No, you can wear Size Genetics whenever you like and for as long as you please, the longer that these devices are worn, the generally better the results

(4)Can Size Genetics Help Cure Penile Curvature

Yes, Size Genetics is a registered type one medical device and is one of the best methods of correcting curvature

(5)Does Size Genetics Fit All Sizes Of Penises

The device is designed to be used on all shapes and sizes of penises – circumcised or not



(6)If I Become Erect While Wearing Size Genetics Is It Harmful

Not at all, the device is hinged and will move and adapt according to its state of erection

(7)Will Size Genetics Increase My Girth As Well

Yes, as the cells inside the penis duplicate and grow the girth will increase along with the length, normal increases in girth are up to 19%

(8)How Large Could I Get With Size Genetics

Depending on the time spent wearing the device, over a period of between 4 and 6 months you should expect to achieve gains of between 2 and 3” in length.

 (9)Will Size Genetics Affect My Erections

Not at all, in fact many users report back that their erections and staying power actually increase after using the Size Genetics Device

21132 (10)Where Can I Buy Size Genetics And Is My Order Guaranteed

You can order Size Genetics directly from the manufacturers official website, orders are dispatched worldwide from local distribution centres.

All orders are protected by a 180 day cash back guarantee that assures you of a full refund should you fail to achieve any gains or improvement after using the device as directed. Simply return within 6 months from purchase.

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