Size Genetics Review UK

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2020)

Size Genetics Review [updated 2020]

Often Copied But Rarely Equalled – Size Genetics has proved Itself As The #1 Penis Extender Currently Available To Buy Today – Read On To Find Out What Size Genetics Can Do For YOU


Now with up to 2800g of pressure – the greatest pressure of any extender available anywhere

The Size Genetics range of penis extenders was originally developed by a leading reconstructive surgeon in Denmark 16 years ago, initially it was designed to help support penises after surgery, but is was quickly discovered that the use of the device generated permanent penis enlargement.

Size Genetics Has Become The Preferred Choice Of Doctors Worldwide And Is Now Available To Buy Without Prescription

Size Genetics has been subjected to numerous studies, tests and trials, it has also been the subject of many media publications and is one of only a few rare products to be featured on mainstream TV shows.

Size Genetics has been granted the rare status of a type one medical device – confirming its effectiveness and build qualityimg-8

Why Choose Size Genetics

  • Medically Approved Type One Medical Device
  • Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back
  • Gain Up To 3″ In Length
  • Corrects Curvature And Boost Girth
  • Unique 16 Way Comfort System Ensures Maximum Gains

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How Does Size Genetics Work

The device works by using the simple traction of traction, a medically approved and recognised form of treatment. The device is worn over the penis; it places a pulling pressure through the full length of the penis.


Just as when it is used by doctors to straighten and lengthen injured or stunted limbs, this pulling pressure (traction) causes the internal cells in the penis to stretch, separate, divide and reproduce to form additional skin and tissue cells, adding bulk and length to the penis.

Other results of traction can be seen in native tribal cultures who use similar methods of traction to lengthen necks lips and ear lobes.

Is The Process Safe

Traction is widely used by doctors worldwide and is 100% safe and effective

How Long Does Size Genetics Take To Work.

Using any form of traction device does take time to see maximum results, it will require time and commitment from the user.

Initial gains of ½” can sometimes be seen after 2-3 weeks, but users need to be prepared to wear the device as often as possible for around 6 months.

Time spent wearing the device is the key, the more time worn, the better and faster the results

Media Investigations


Reporter James Mullinger of male magazine GQ, tried the Size Genetics device as research into an article in male enhancement – he gained ½” in just 14 days.

TV Presenter Tim Shaw of Channel Four TV Show Extreme Male Beauty used the device live on camera for a 2 week period, he also enjoyed gains of ½” in just 2 weeks

Is Size Genetics Comfortable To Wear

With the time spent wearing the device crucial to results, its important for the device to be comfortable, The Size Genetics design features a unique 16 way comfort system that gives users a choice of settings and ways to wear the device.

Unlike some lesser copycat devices that just use a simple and basic (and painful) silicone loop to secure the penis, the Size Genetics device is totally comfortable when worn for extended periods of time.

How Large Could I Get With Size Genetics

Results will vary from user to user and as mentioned above will depend on the amount of time spent wearing the device, if used as directed, gains approaching 3” in length are commonplace along with an increase in girth.

21132Is The Size Genetics Device Guaranteed

Size Genetics appreciate the time and commitment required by the user and offer a full 6 month (180 day) cash back guarantee..

they will give a refund to you if you are dissatisfied with the results after using as directed.

Where To Buy Size Genetics

You can order your own device directly from the manufacturers official website, orders are shipped from local distribution centres quickly and discreetly.

Orders can be placed securely online or if you prefer by telephone, fax or regular mail

There is a fully staffed 24hr customer service telephone service where fully trained staff are available to answer any queries that you may have

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