Size Genetics Vs X4 Labs

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2015)

X4 Labs Or Size Genetics – Which Is Best?

If you have been considering extending your penis, two products that you will have no doubt come across are X4 Labs and Size Genetics.

These are two of the most popular and generally considered most effective penis enlargement devices in the world, both devices are medically approved type one devices that offer proven results.

But If You Had To Make A Choice, Which One Should You Choose?

A quick glance at both extenders doesn’t give you many clues, and to be honestX4-Labs-Male-enlargement-extender-review-results-how-to-use-x4-labs-extender-method-world-trusted-brand-vs-size-genetics-becoming-alpha-male either device will provide excellent results

Its the small things that make a difference; and here are our pointers that hopefully will help you make your decision.


Not necessarily the most important point but probably the first thing that any of us look at, this is how they compare:

Size Genetics has three packages in the range, all contain the same fully approved type one medical device with a varying amount of accessories and bonus items. prices start at £127.97 and rising to £ 249.50 for the Top of the range ultimate system

X4 Labs Has four packages in the range, the actual device will also vary depending on which package you buy.

Prices range from £57.77 to £254.50 for their premium extender

Winner – X4 Labs (for their entry level model)


The time spent wearing the device is crucial to achieve maximum gains, quite simply the longer that you wear the device each day, the faster and better the gains will be. To achieve the best results, comfort is crucial, too many inferior devices simply rely on a simple silicone loop to secure the head of the penis, something that can become painful quite quickly, limiting the amount of time that you can use the device.

img-8Both the X4 Extender and Size Genetics offer users a choice of comfort fittings that should enhance your user experience. That said, the X4 labs is supplied with 4 comfort options, where as the Size Genetics device is supplied with a 58 way comfort system – over 12 times as many choices of comfort fittings than the X4 device

Winner – Size Genetics 

Testimonials And Users Feedback

Both devices can claim backing of the medical community, it is when you look at actual; customer feedback that you can see a big difference.

X4 Labs does have a full range of both doctors and user testimonials that can be read on the official webiste

Size Genetics also displays doctors testimonials on their official site they also provide reviews from actual customers who have also supplied before and after photographs along with their testimonials to clearly show the results gained by using the device.

Buyers of Size Genetics also get free membership to an exclusive online members forum where they can share experiences and ask/answer question from other size genetics users from around the world

 Winner – Size Genetics

Media Exposure

Many devices have been clinically tested and endorsed by doctors, both the X4 X4-Labs-Penis-Extenderand Size Genetics have similar approvals.

There is one difference between the two however, Size Genetics is the only device to have ever been independently reviewed and featured by mainstream TV shows and lifestyle magazines .

GQ magazine ran a feature on the device and the journalist (James Mullinger) used the device for just a couple of weeks as research for the article, even in that short period of time he managed to increase his own penis by 1/2”.

Currently the Size Genetics Is in the running for the Male Product Of The Year competition being ran by an international magazine.

Winner – Size Genetics


It’s important when investing in a penis extender that you are comfortable with your purchase, both the X4 Labs and Size Genetics offer buyers a cash back guarantee that will assure you of a full refund should you be unhappy with the results.

The X4 Labs device is sold with a full 180 day cash back guarantee

Size Genetics is sold with a 180 day (6 month) cash back guarantee that gives you plenty of time to try the device and enjoy its benefits.

Winner – Call This One A Tie


Customer care is essential, and an easily contactable customer service department should be the first port of call for any customer with a query or problem.

X4 Labs are based in Montreal Canada and you can contact them during business hours (Canadian time)

Size Genetics Are based in the UK with offices also in the USA, they run fully staffed 24 hour customer service and whatever time of the day, where ever you are in the world, there is always a member of staff that you can talk to.

Winner – Size Genetics


Both devices are sold with worldwide shipping, X4 labs ship from Canada, shipping to the UK takes around 7-10 days (depending on UK Customs)

Size Genetics have distribution centres in both the UK and USA, orders are shipped quickly and discreetly and most deliveries usually take no more than 2-3 days.

 Winner – Size Genetics


Both devices will provide effective lengthening and thickening of your penis. Depending on the amount of time that you wear the device ( bearing in mind that comfort is the key), you can achieve between 2 and 3” in length along with a good increase in girth.

Winner – Call this one a draw

Our Conclusion

Although both devices will provide effective enlargement, taking all the above points into consideration,  even though it is slightly more expensive to buy, in our opinion, The Size Genetics Device Gets Our Vote.

Which One Would You Buy??

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