Small Or Micro Penis Syndrome

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2015)

What Is A Micro Penis

 Penis size varies from man to man, and many arguments persist about what is actually the average penis size – this actually varies depending on whereabouts in the world you are born, with different races tending to have differing sizes.

It’s generally agreed that if you are somewhere between 5 and 6” when erect, then you can reasonably consider yourself average…ijdvl_2012_78_2_228_93656_f4

Micro Or Small Penis Syndrome

It is thought that less that 1% of the male population suffers from micro penis, this can be defined in an adult male when the penis measures no more than 1.4 inches (40mm) when flaccid, and then reaches no more that 2.1 inches (52mm) when erect.

These penises are generally fully functioning and the sufferer is every bit as capable of fathering children as any other man, the problem is more with self esteem and confidence, especially in sexual relationships, and with peer pressure – for instance standing in the locker room at school or the gym, with other men can make you develop deep rooted feelings of inadequacy

What Causes Micro Or Small Penises

The cause has been attributed to a lack of testosterone and other crucial hormones during the middle stages of pregnancy that stunt the development of the penis in the womb.

If the problem is diagnosed early enough, hormone treatment has shown some good results and can help the penis grow to a reasonable size.

It’s Not Too Late

There is a proven method that can help lengthen micro penises to a more acceptable length, giving the sufferer a much needed boost to self esteem and confidence.

Traction devices are a proven method of enlarging even the smallest penis, users can look forward to gains approaching 3” in length along with up to 35% increase in girth or thickness.

There are some highly effective penis extenders that are medically approved and used by doctors worldwide; we have reviewed many of the more popular ones on this website.

Recommended Device

X4-Labs-Penis-ExtenderAny Of The Traction Devices Reviewed On Our Website Can Offer Help With Small Or Micro Penis Syndrome, but one device that just tips the balance is the one supplied by X4 labs – This Canadian based manufacturer have studied the problem of micro penis and have developed a special small size adaptor that enables sufferers of micro penis syndrome to use and enjoy the same benefits from their device as those with regular size penises.

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