How Do Penis Extending Devices Work

Can You Really Achieve Effective Penis Enlargement With An Extending Device?

Ever since time began, men have regarded the penis as the ultimate sign of masculinity, many leaders have been depicted with large penises and of course it’s a common fertility symbol in many tribal cultures.img_6982

Modern day men look at their penis in a different way, it’s size can depict the way they feel and their standing amongst their peers, and this can have a direct link to how they feel about themselves; confidence, in both business and in personal relationships can in many cases be attributed to just how they feel ‘as a man’.

Penis enlargement has been tried and used for many years, at first, men used to hang weights onto the penis to try and stretch it, ancient Arabic tribes developed jelqing – a form of exercises performed by hand that helped to strengthen and in some cases lengthen the penis by boosting the blood flow and enlarging the muscles within the penis.

More About Penis Exercises

Now penis exercises are still used today, the original practices have been refined and do have their place and use, but its been widely documented in many medical tests and trials that the only guaranteed way of lengthening and thickening the penis is by the use of an extending device

How Do Penis Extending Devices Work

There are basically two different types of extending device; these can be separated into two main groups – traction devices and vacuum pumps.

Ultimately these perform similar operations and will (if used correctly) generate similar results.

Traction Devices

penis_extender_componentsThe most common and many experts would say, the most effective..

Traction devices are worn over the penis, usually over night or for at least 2-3 hours a day, they place the penis under a gentle, yet firm pulling pressure (known as traction), this pressure gradually causes the internal cells, and blood vessels in the penis to stretch, separate, and ultimately duplicate to generate increased skin and muscle – adding bulk and length to the penis.

This is exactly the same method employed by doctors worldwide to straighten and lengthen stunted or injured limbs.

Other visible results of how traction can change the body is shown in photographs of certain tribal cultures that regularly use traction to lengthen their necks, lips and earlobes.

How Large Could I Get By Using A Traction Device

Some manufacturers make wild often over-hyped claims about their devices, there are some claims of increases of over 4” in length by some manufacturers, while technically this could be possible with very long term use, the more likely result is between 2 and 3” increase along with increased thickness or girth.

My Penis Is Bent – Can Traction Devices Help?

Penis curvature is caused by a condition called Peyronies Disease, Traction devices are without doubt the most effective non surgical method of treating and in many cases completely removing the problem by breaking down the plaques that cause the problem, leaving the penis both straighter and visibly longer.

How Long Do Traction Devices Take To Work

Traction devices are proven to effective in nearly all cases, regardless of the original starting size of the user’s penis, they do however take time and commitment from the user to achieve maximum results. The average time taken to reach this point is around 6 months, but results can often be visible quite quickly, with an initial increase of around ½” in just 2-3 weeks.

The key to successful enlargement is the time spent wearing the device – this is crucial– the more time spent wearing the device, the better (and faster) the results.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps are balloon or bell shaped devices that are sometimes attached to a pump, worn over the penis they are pumped or pressurised to form a vacuum inside the device, this vacuum places the penis under pressure.about_hydromax

The vacuum pressure inside draws increased amounts of blood into the penis, this causes it to swell, generating large, visibly longer and harder erections.

A first the erections and increased size will revert back to normal as the erection subsides, but with regular daily use the pressure of the increased blood flowing into the penis will have similar effects to traction devices in that the pressure will divide and duplicate the cells within to form increased mass to the penis.

Penis vacuum pumps can be separated into two kinds, those that use air and those that use water – often in the bath or shower (hydropumps). It is the latter that are generally considered more effective and safer; as the water inside the device helps to support and protect the penis while in the device.

Vacuum pumps are highly effective at generating visibly longer erections quickly and are especially good at helping men who have problems in that department.

Regular use can also help to correct mild to medium cases of Peyronies disease.

How Large Could  Get With A Penis Vacuum Device

Results are generally not quite as good as with a traction device but users could realistically expect to gain up to 2” over around 6 months daily use (around 20 minutes a day)

What’s The Right Device For Me

confidence_Guy_happy_for_his_last_night-300x221This will 100% depend on your requirements, if penis size or curvature is a problem then opt for a traction device, a good device is medically approved and guaranteed to increase both length and girth, correcting cases of curvature at the same time.

If you have problems getting or keeping decent erections, but wouldn’t mind increasing your penis size as well, then a penis vacuum pump would be the device for you – they work quickly to treat erection problems without discomfort or risk.

Recommended Devices

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