The Peyronies Device Reviewed

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2015)

Peyronies Device

The Worlds First Dedicated Peyronies Treatment System

A long awaited solution to an age old problem has at last been developed. peyronies-device-buy-banner Sufferers of Peyronies Disease can now take advantage of a unique and medically endorsed system that can help correct practically all types of curvature.  Whether the problem is minor or severe it has been proven to have effective results.

The Peyronies Device can help anyone suffering from

  • Peyronies Disease
  • Natural Curvature
  • Micro Penis Syndrome
  • A Bent Penis
After many years of research, the makers of Peyronies Device have designed effectively the worlds only complete system to treat this embarrassing and worrying problem.  They have had discussions in detail with both sufferers and doctors alike in order to come up with their solution.

What Is The Peyronies Device

By using the method of medical traction, the device works by gradually straightening the penis, much on the same principal as correcting or lengthening limbs which have either been injured or have not grown to full length.

Over a period of time the device will straighten and lengthen the penis.

Surgeons developed this type of device to help support the penis after corrective surgery. They had very effective results in straightening and lengthening the penis in a very short period of time.


It is now recognised that the traction method is by far the most effective way to treat these conditions.  Medical studies and trials have proven how successful these devices are in treating peyronies disease.

Read About The Medical Studies Proving The Peyronies Device Success

How Does The Peyronies Device Work

The device uses a gradual pulling pressure, as with any traction device, working on the entire length of the penis. It stretches the internal cells (painlessly) which in turn encourages the cells to divide and duplicate.  This causes an increase in mass to the penis.  The gentle pressure then helps to break down the hardened plaques that initially cause the curvature.

6428-peyronies-device-can-help-youWithin quite a short time there should be a noticeable difference in length and the penis should be showing signs of straightening.

Quite recently studies have been carried out in Turin, Italy which have highlighted the effectiveness of these devices in the fight against peyronies.

Why Should You Choose The Peyronies Device?

There are other conventional devices available that can be effective. The Peyronies device however has some differences that make it superior to other systems.

When wearing a device of this nature for often long periods, comfort is important and unfortunately with many conventional devices this is not the case. They are often designed to be worn on a straight penis and in some cases the strap that secures the device can dig in causing pain and discomfort.  Wearing the device then becomes a problem and then it not worn for long enough to do the job it is designed to do.

The Peyronies Device is a medically approved type one medical device – used and approved by doctors worldwide.

With a unique multi position head which can adapt to any curved penis, whatever the severity, the device will help to maintain its position with comfort.

The longer you are able to wear it the better the results.  With comfort and fast results that can only be achieved by using the device to its full potential.


Scientists have developed the Peyronies device in such a way as to give maximum comfort. The system gives the user many choices of how to wear the device. The options ensure that the wearer can find the best and most comfortable way to wear it.

Other devices often use a silicone loop which can for some become very uncomfortable, even painful.

How Long Does It Take To Work

As with any treatment it does not work overnight.  You have to take in to consideration the severity of the curvature and how often you wear the device.

Users have said that they have noticed an improvement in around two weeks. However, to achieve the best results you need to wear the device daily for a minimum of 2 hours for 4 – 6 months.

The body will work at its own natural speed and we all differ.  If used correctly the results you achieve are permanent.

More About How The Peyronies Device Works

There Is More

The Peyronies Device can give back your confidence, stop embarrassment and enhance sexual relationships.

The Device is Step One Of The Treatment Plan

The makers of Peyronies Device have devised a complete treatment system to help sufferers achieve the best possible results without having to seek surgery or other medical treatment.

Penis Massage Exerciseswhere-to-buy-peyronies-device

An exercise routine has been adapted to increase and help with the effectiveness of the device.  Traditional jelqing methods have been updated to help improve straightness and improve erection, strength and longevity.

Available both on DVD and online via any internet enabled computer or mobile device. The massage techniques take about 8 minutes a day 2-3 times a week.

Extreme Amino

Amino Acids have been proven to help in the treatment of Peyronies disease including L-Arginine, Acetyl L – Carnitine HCL and Vitamin E.

Extreme Amino contains large doses of all three plus Piperine – a natural compound that helps increase absorption and with it the effectiveness) of the ingredients by up to 60%

These are vital in the treatment of curvature.

‘Go Today’ Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil helps to break down the hardened plaque areas that cause curvature, it works very effectively alongside the exercises. The oil is easily absorbed in to the skin and helps to make the exercises easier to perform.

‘Enzyme p500’

Packed with 10 proven ingredients.  These include Serrapeptase, Nattokinase andLipase all proven to help break down Peyronies scar tissue and making the straightening effects of the device more effective.

‘CoQ10 Enzyme+’

Proven to be very effective in the treatment of Peyronies disease.  Coenzyme Q10 supplement contains a massive dose of 100mg CoQ10 and includes 50mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid to achieve fast optimum results.


Guaranteed Results Or Your Money Back

The makers of the Peyronies device offer a full 180 day (6 month cash back guarantee) as they are so confident that you will be satisfied with the device.  With plenty of time to try the system.  If you do not notice any improvement then you can confidently obtain a full refund by returning the device no questions asked.

How Much Will The Peyronies Device Cost Me

There are three packages to choose from in the Peyronies Device treatment system.

Peyronies Device On Its Own

Buy the device itself complete with lockable faux leather case and instruction DVD.

Perfect Option For Treating Mild Cases Of Natural Curvature

This costs just $259.00 (GBP 167.00)

imagesCurvature Treatment Plan

Buyers get the Peyronies Device,

  • Complete with carry case and 
  • Instruction DVD.
  • Also Included:
  • Free Online Access to the unique
  • Exercise and massage techniques
  • ‘Go Today’ Vitamin E Oil

This Costs Just $299.00 (GBP £190.00)

Ultimate Peyronies Disease Plan

All of the above Plus:

  • Extreme Amino
  • CoQ10 Enzyme_
  • Enzyme P500
  • Peyronies Massage Exercises On DVD
  • Global 6 month Guarantee

This Ultimate Treatment System Will Cost $399.00 (GBP £259.00)

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