What Are Penis Extenders

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2013)

Penis Extenders

With millions of men across the world all desiring a longer, thicker penis, the market for penis enlargement devices has grown to a multi billion dollar industry.

This is despite the subject of penis enlargement still remaining very much taboo in many countries.

But what are penis enlargement devices? how do they work and which are best?

A penis enlargement device is a (usually) non prescription device that will, when worn on the penis, traction devicestimulate the body’s natural ability to reproduce, this is a process known as cellular duplication and works in the same way that doctors across the world have helped patients to straighten or lengthen injured or stunted limbs.

Traction Devices

Most devices work by using the tried and tested method of traction – a gentle yet consistent pulling or stretching force that is applied through the length of the penis.

This pulling pressure gradually makes the internal cells separate, divide and ultimately duplicate. This process causes the development of new skin cells, blood vessels and muscle which in turn adds increased mass to the penis.

Its not uncommon for users of traction devices to see an initial increase of around 1/2″ per fortnight with ultimate gains of around 3″ over a 5-6 month period

This method is not just used to enlarge penises, it is also highly effective in the treatment of Peyronies Disease – a condition that allows hardened plaques to form inside the penis, forcing it to curve to one side – rendering the unlucky sufferer unable to have or enjoy a fully satisfying sex life.

The traction produced by penis devices help to break down these plaques and have been proved to be one of the most successful ways of treating this often misunderstood condition

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Other Types Of Penis Enlargement Devices

There is no doubt that traction devices are the best way to lengthen a mans penis, but there are other types that do offer some good results; these are called Vacuum Devices

bathmate-hydromaxVacuum devices work in the same way as traction devices in the they place the penis under a stretching pressure, but with these the pressure is not generated by the device physically stretching the penis, these use the power of a vacuum to do the work for them.

When placed inside the device, the device is usually pumped to remove any air inside, as the air is removed, a vacuum develops inside the device. This vacuum helps to draw blood into the penis, generating a hard erection. The power of this blood flow is much greater than usual, so the resulting erection is larger and much harder than usual. For want of  a better phrase, this increased blood flow stretches the internal cells, ultimately triggering the same cellular duplication as the traction devices .

Vacuum devices on the whole do not submit the penis to the stretching pressure for long periods of time (usually around 15-20 minutes) and because of this the results are not often as good as with a traction device, that said, its still possible to achieve gains of up to 1-2″ over a period of 6 months

Where Vacuum devices really come into their own is when used to treat erection problems, the increased blood flow quickly generates visibly longer and harder erections that are particularly useful if a man has had problems getting or keeping erections long enough to enable sexual intercourse.

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