Where To Buy Jes Extender In UK

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2015)

Jes Extender Reviewed

The Worlds Very First Penis Extender

The Jes Extender was the very first specially developed penis extender; it wasJes-Extender-Gold-Edition-300x239 developed by Danish company DanaMedic over 16 years ago. Since its launch it has remained one of the best selling extenders ever since and has been responsible for helping over 250,000 men to get longer, thicker penises.

The device has been the subject of numerous media reviews and has also been shown on various TV channels.

Publications include FHM, Stern, New York Times And Mens Fitness have all reviewed the device, The BBC and ABC have featured the device on various programmes.

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How Does Jes Extender Work

The device capitalises on the body’s natural ability to regenerate and grow, it follows the lead of doctors worldwide by using traction to lengthen the penis gradually yet steadily.

As the penis is subjected to the pulling power of the traction, the internal cells separate and divide to gradually create additional skin cells and blood vessels; this adds length and increased girth to the penis.

????????????????????How Long Does The Process Take

You need to be aware that the process is not an overnight thing, it will take up to 6 months to see maximum benefits and results. That said it’s not uncommon to see some quite quick gains of around ½” in length in just two weeks. For maximum gains of between 2 and 3” users need to be prepared to wear the device for as long as possible each day. (2 hours minimum, and if possible over night).

Amazing Double Money Back Guarantee

The people behind Jes Extender offer an amazing guarantee – they simply state that if you use Jes Extender as directed and fail to see any gains in length, that they will refund twice the purchase price!!

Our Thoughts

The Jes Extender is a quality product, it’s not the most expensive product out there but its pedigree helps it stand head and shoulders over many competitor products.

It has literally hundreds of official and public testimonials from thousands of satisfied users across the worldwide – Buyers of the Jes Extender all become members of the Jes Extender online community where they can swap experiences and ask or answer questions from fellow users across the world.


Where To Buy Jes Extender

Buyers can place their orders directly and securely from the official website,  if they prefer you can also by telephone, mail or fax.- see website for details

Worldwide shipping is fast and discreet


There are six package options and devices to choose from, prices start at £152.00 for the Jes Extender Light rising to £ 853.00 for the top of the range Platinum Model – yes it is made from platinum!!

If we were to recommend a package as best buy, it would be the Original Extender at £169.00

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